Unified message management

Privacy for all of your online correspondance. Caliopen collects in a single interface private messages from mobile apps (Twitter, Facebook), email, instant messaging, texts…


Every search, every filter, every sort criteria defined by the user can be saved and turned into a “View” to be used or paired with a specific device.


Every search can include filters and sort functions. All of the unencrypted data can be searched (files included).


The user manages the list of the devices used to access their account. Each one of those has different access rights, according to their privacy index.

Privacy Index

To let you know how much your privacy is exposed, Caliopen shows you the Privacy Index (PI) of your messages.

Showing the risk of interception or violation of the secrecy of your correspondence is capital to let you decide what you can share and with whom. In Caliopen each message, each contact and each user device has an index, and you are shown how to improve it.

A multi-dimentional index.

In Caliopen privacy isn’t all in/all out: it is a mix of different elements, which are technical just as they are behavioural, social and contextual. The PI calculation depends on several variables.

Technical Social Behavioral Contextual



How to contribute

Like every free software, Caliopen needs all kinds of help. To the code, of course, but also to spread the word about Caliopen and privacy, for instance.

To speed up the development of our User Interface, we need:

  • Web Developers
  • Cryptography experts, to assess our choices or to improve them
  • Translators (Spanish, German, English, Italian…)

on GitHub

If you know some conferences or congresses where Caliopen would fit, if you are in touch with groups interested into a presentation, if you wish to host an event, do not hesitate to reach us right away!

Contact us

Meet the team

Laurent Chemla

Product owner in scrum mode,  Gandi founder. He cooks macarons to coordinate the meetings and waits for Caliopen to buy Google.


To let computers compute, that’s my passion. Making that work to win our privacy back, that’s a mission.


Usability expert. Simplicity is the best sophistication (Da Vinci).


Backend developer, with ethics, and an open mind.
Joking is a serious matter.


He’s a JS maker. A metalhead with math/break core tendencies.
He never trusts user “‹script›alert(‘input’)‹/script›. And he hates Schrödinger’s codes.


Ideal son-in-law, Julien can order at Subway without saying “er” or getting cheese supplement.


Web integration
To exist, is to survive to impossible choices.


Trainee from another world.
Has a diet based on rice, chicken, tomatoes, and user data.


To get in touch with the team, ask us questions or join us,
here are several ways to reach us:

Beta testing: Caliopen
Email: Contact
Twitter: @caliopen_org
GitHub: Contribute
IRC: we welcome you on irc.libera.chat, chan #caliopen