Grant from the BPI

Lots of (good) news this year makes for the perfect occasion to update the blog.

First off, thanks to the support of Gandi, David Epely was fully integrated into the team as a full-time front-end developer.  His participation this summer has allowed rapid progress on the user interfaces, of course, but also on keeping everyone organized with our “morning meetings” (every morning via Framatalk), a better organized Trello board, and an interactive prototype (POC) showing the advancement of the project.

Next and most recently, Caliopen was integrated into the CONCEP project which just received a grant from the BPI allowing us to plan and develop stress-free for the next two years.

CONCEP groups Gandi, the European search engine Qwant, and the Université Pierre et Marie CURIE around Caliopen.  Its primary objective is the creation of a fully marketable (though still free software) product for the long-term.

This financement has already had some important effects including the hiring of Stanislas Sabatier (founder of Mailden) as a backend and API developer, as well as the creation of two new positions (front-end developer and a designer) dedicated  to Caliopen based at Gandi, and finally a fixed-duration (CDD) development engineer position based at the Université Pierre et Marie CURIE. The financing has also allowed for the involvement of Qwant which will provide a free semantic analysis engine among other functions that will be integrated into the project.

All of this allows for some beautiful adventures to come and, we hope, further (good) news right here.
Let’s Be Good.

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