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You might not be aware of it, but summer’s been busy for us, as we’ve been presenting our project in several meeting across France. Yet, we didn’t forget you, our English-speaking supporters. Caliopen, the project for securing all digital communications in the Post-Snowden Era, is back with something for you.


In the last monts we’ve all seen several kinds of project aiming to secure e-mail. As you know, Caliopen will be more than that: a single solution encompassing several protocols, distributed, federated, portable, with a focus on pedagogy… Well, it’s kind of normal if you don’t understand all of it at first glance!

That’s why our website now hosts a FAQ page: a question, a doubt? Head over there to find the explanation you’re looking for! The FAQ page is yours to read, share and improve: do not hesitate to get in touch to ask more questions.

The FAQ page is here:


We really want Caliopen to succeed, and that’s why the design of the whole project didn’t start with lines of code or sketches of a UI. We started by focusing on what you need and what others can’t offer.

We think we finally got it, and after squeezing our brains for several months, we are now finally ready to show you a mockup of Caliopen UI.
It’s here, have a look at it:

We hope you’ll like it, but also that you’ll test it enough to notice that some areas are not ready yet: Contacts and Agenda. Well, this is a reminder that Caliopen is still in development and needs your help: the mockup shows what we have to build to get a fonctional prototype.

In order to achieve that, we need a front-end developer! Are you willing to help billions of people secure their communications? Well, then get in touch and we’ll be more than glad to explain you all about the interactions and APIs needed to get the UI ready.


It’s so easy to get in touch with us, so please don’t hesitate to provide your feedback:

This post was also published in French, here:

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    • Javier,

      It seems you form has deleted the characters that look like HTML code.
      I wanted to post that at the end of the link there’s a line break tag (HTML), and that even deleting it and viiting the correct URL you get an error 404.


      • Signor D,

        Sorry Javier, your comment had been classified as spam, but I guess that you got what you asked for, submitting a fake e-mail! :-P

        Anyway, thanks for the head-sup, we continued to work on the mockup and so that might be why you got a 404. Now the address has been updated and it should be working now, let us know!

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