November News

Here we are, ready to deliver you our November update. Yes, you read that right: November. It does comes in a bit late, but we actually have a good excuse for this. You see, we gave a few talk about Caliopen and then we got an aching throat and the doctor forbid us to talk. And to write.

Well, it might not really be good excuse, but please, can we go on? We are so looking forward to let you know what’s going on!


So first, the talks.

You might not know this, but the Parisian bureau of Mozilla hosts a meetup about the fundamental topic of the decentralization of the net. You might already know that this is actually one of the main principles we had in mind while we created Caliopen, therefore we were honoured and pleased to be invited.
After our friends Framasoft presented their project, Mozilla’s Principal Evangelist and Firestarter Tristan Nitot interviewed Laurent Chemla who presented Caliopen. The video of the whole evening is available, at this addres:, and the interview starts at 46’44”; be aware though, that it is in French.

Caliopen was also invited to the Open World Forum: we intervened in the privacy track. Once again, though, all contents are in French:

You see, we talked quite a bit, but it was very French, wasn’t it? Well, in case you want to hear a Caliopen presentation in English, why don’t you let us know of speaking opportuinities in order to present our project to a wider audience? We would be glad to!


If you know something about Caliopen you probably know that the project actually started while ago, not by writing code nor by drawing a UI, but by putting the user’s needs at the center. It took some time but we are finally about to develop our UI: in the last post we showed a mockup of the inbox, which we have now refined; we have also other mockups to show you. We are please to show you:


It’s so easy to get in touch with us, so please don’t hesitate to provide your feedback:

  • Through IRC, on, channel #caliopen or, to take part in the development, on #caliopdev. And please, don’t be intimidated if, when you come in, we are talkin in French: let us know that you’d rather converse in English and we’ll immediately switch language!
  • On Twitter, we are @caliopen_org
  • Drop us a good old-fashioned e-mail!
  • Github: everything’s clear, no need to ask questions? Great! We are waiting for your PR! Caliopen is on Github

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