February (and January) News

Hello there! We are excited to bring you up to speed with the news from the team that’s building Caliopen. By the way, speaking of team, that’s our first big news! Caliopen’s Dev Team The competent team of developers we have been trying to gather for the last few months is finally complete. Like we […]

November News

Here we are, ready to deliver you our November update. Yes, you read that right: November. It does comes in a bit late, but we actually have a good excuse for this. You see, we gave a few talk about Caliopen and then we got an aching throat and the doctor forbid us to talk. […]

Caliopen – October News

You might not be aware of it, but summer’s been busy for us, as we’ve been presenting our project in several meeting across France. Yet, we didn’t forget you, our English-speaking supporters. Caliopen, the project for securing all digital communications in the Post-Snowden Era, is back with something for you. FAQ In the last monts […]