Grant from the BPI

Lots of (good) news this year makes for the perfect occasion to update the blog. First off, thanks to the support of Gandi, David Epely was fully integrated into the team as a full-time front-end developer.  His participation this summer has allowed rapid progress on the user interfaces, of course, but also on keeping everyone […]

Good vibrations

On july 27, La Quadrature du Net published a press release detailing the recent opinion of the European Data Protection Supervisor which, although only advisory, still weighs heavily in the debates of the Commission). It is certainly a welcome opinion. Firstly, because the Commission’s role is to protect the privacy of users. This is done […]

Leaving France.

Some news.   Caliopen is advancing. Slowly for multiple reasons. First due to the initial lack of developers and also the desire on our part to take the time to refine the User Interface and Experience design. Nevertheless, the short video that follows attests that we are indeed advancing.   We had hoped to be […]

March and April News

Howdy! Here we are, back with some news for you, and also an explanation about how we approach security in Caliopen. Ready? Let’s go! The News Unfortunately in March other projects than Caliopen left our lead developers little time left : little progress were thus made on this regard. In order to allow new persons […]

February (and January) News

Hello there! We are excited to bring you up to speed with the news from the team that’s building Caliopen. By the way, speaking of team, that’s our first big news! Caliopen’s Dev Team The competent team of developers we have been trying to gather for the last few months is finally complete. Like we […]

December News

Ok, ok, we’re very late bringing you this latest update, but we have many good excuses besides the holidays and the recent events in France which have left us (and the world) a bit numb.   Here, then, are our excuses:   The site was translated into German, which may be a detail for you, […]

November News

Here we are, ready to deliver you our November update. Yes, you read that right: November. It does comes in a bit late, but we actually have a good excuse for this. You see, we gave a few talk about Caliopen and then we got an aching throat and the doctor forbid us to talk. […]

Caliopen – October News

You might not be aware of it, but summer’s been busy for us, as we’ve been presenting our project in several meeting across France. Yet, we didn’t forget you, our English-speaking supporters. Caliopen, the project for securing all digital communications in the Post-Snowden Era, is back with something for you. FAQ In the last monts […]